Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Internship Perks: Tony Gleaton

One of the greatest aspects of interning at the NMAAHC are the amazing presentations I get to sit-in on. Prime example being Tony Gleaton. Gleaton gave a presentation about his photography that challenges and transcends the boundaries of the African Diaspora to be truly inclusive of all African descent peoples and not just those connected to the Trans-Atlantic enslavement experience in the United States. He traveled throughout the Americas in the late 90s capturing photos of people within the African Diaspora and they are beautiful. Gleaton also has a collection of photographs dedicated to African American cowboys throughout western North America and his latest work captures the untold stories of the African American narrative that lay in landscapes.

His work is phenomenal, and Gleaton, as an artist is just as inspiring. Very humble, he acknowledged that his work with capturing the African Diaspora during the 90s had its flaws. The people in the photos often did not call themselves African or attributed any part of their heritage or culture to that of Africa, so the term for the collections, Gleaton noted, was more about him ascribing a title to these people, then the people themselves self identifying as such. All photos, he noted, are truly just about the relationship between the photographer and the subject. Gleaton's relationship with self-reflexivity is something that all social scientist can learn from. Now the photos provide a space for dialogue about identity. I look forward to his current project with landscapes. Checkout more HERE!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Foodtruck Festival DC: Truckeroo

so many food trucks! so little money

There is always something to do in DC. I, along with two friends attended the Truckeroo Food Truck Festival, a monthly day of junk food frivolity. Because I failed, yet again, with trying to cut out seafood from my lifestyle I chowed down a crab sandwich from Feelin Crabby. The only thing that made the day better were the sweet potato tots I had on the side from of trucks one dedicated to serving pizza, DC Slices. Running and weight training aside, a day of junk food does the soul good.
so many choices! so little tummy space!

THE crab sandwich

sweet potato tots

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chakula Tayari: Mushroom and Spinach Flatbread

This is one of my quickest meal options that always leaves me wanting more. It proves that anything sauteed with garlic and red onion can do no wrong. Throw in spinach, mushroom, and zucchini and you have magic in your mouth. Throw that one some Trader Joe's Flat Bread with a thick line of garlic hummus and you have dinner.

What you need:
  • flat bread
  • mushrooms
  • spinach
  • zucchini
  • garlic
  • red onion
  • your favorite hummus 
  • evoo


Thursday, May 31, 2012


You can read the story of Mississippi in the trees. The twist and turns, from wind and water have pulled them and made them living statues. They stand tall dedicated to a narrative that speaks not only about struggle and triumph but survival. The gashes in the bark read like braille about fallen houses and oil spills; both human's and god's hand writing both cruel and honest stories on the landscape. The stumps read like the fallen souls who bodies perished in storms and the creatures that drowned in black gold that spit up from pipes and swallowed them whole. The story has sweep over the land like the way vines grow along walls that stand alone. And weeds cover what use to be parking lots and driveways for family cars. It's beautiful because it's truth. A raw truth mixed in with happily ever afters and disasters. Even though the twisted trees scream about the pain that pulled their roots and disfigured their bodies, they grow leaves of green like the next chapters in books. Their stories continue. 

Tree at the University of Southern Mississippi.

I wrote the paragraph above the first night I was in Mississippi. I never thought I would ever set foot in the state of Mississippi, but I had a training for my summer internship so I boarded a plane. In my mind Mississippi was both myth and legend. It was a state that held such a dark past for African Americans that just thinking about it brought  a noose or men hiding under white sheets to mind. I had read the stories about Freedom Summer and was sure the soil was so rich in the delta because of the all the black bodies that died there.

I went to Long Beach, Mississippi. On my way from the airport was a long stretch of beach that was breathtaking because of the trees that lined the streets. Those trees where the manifestation of beauty. They seemed to be dancing and their leaves rattled to the wind's song. I didn't stay long. Only three days to be exact but I knew I had to write something about those trees. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Chakula Tayari: Strawberry Banana Vegan French Toast

My mom has been freaking out over the amount of food that is now in her refrigerator. This happens every time I visit because I down produce like no tomorrow; which is why I'm always stocked up on fruits and veggies. 

On the menu is strawberry banana french toast. It is super quick, easy and yummy! I threw a banana and four strawberries in a blender with some honey and about a cup of soy milk. While I soaked three slices of toast in the strawberry banana mixture I heated a pan with some earth balance. The toast cooked so well and the final result was crisp and yummy. 

On the side I had more yummy strawberries, walnuts and a large mug of dandelion root tea. I'll be honest and say that dandelion root tea has a very earthy taste. Most of my friends are completely turned off by the taste but it is by far my favorite tea.